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We pride ourselves on our reputation for providing reliable, effective security guards and event services across the UK, including Manchester, London & Birmingham






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What can Umbrella Security Services do for you?

Umbrella Security Services are a national, industry-leading security company and security services supplier that holds an unparalleled reputation. Our head office is located in Birmingham, with regional partners throughout the UK, including Manchester, London, Wolverhampton & Coventry. Our Midlands based head office positions us centrally to service our customers on a national level, providing a complete security service across the UK. From hiring highly qualified and experienced security guards to providing alarm response and event security services, we are extremely confident that we can provide the perfect security solutions for you.

Security Guards and Services With Experience

Our years of experience have helped us build up an outstanding reputation throughout the United Kingdom. We pride ourselves on our reliability as well as our ability to provide a wide range of highly effective security solutions to a large number of customers. We boast industry approved accreditations, and always adhere to strict regulatory standards and codes of practice. This helps us to ensure that we are delivering the best possible services to our clients.

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Your Local Security Company For Birmingham, London and Manchester

Our services include CCTV monitoring, fast-acting alarm response units, fully qualified SIA licensed security guards and officers, key holding and mobile patrols. Whether you’re looking for extra security for your business or require a team of highly trained security guards for an upcoming event, Umbrella Security Services can help. We are a well-established security company and provide security services to a wide range of clients. Our areas of operation include, but are not limited to, Birmingham, London and Manchester. We work effectively throughout the entire UK, however, and have a number of bases up and down the country.

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